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Released inthe film uses few words and many strong images. A young man immerses himself in the mikveh, the ritual bath; He says psalms, hoping for a cure, while hiding it from his fellow students. He calls, on a pay phone, a counselor from a gay conversion clinic for support to withstand his temptations.

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Hello all, I decided to share my all time favourite story. I found it on the net quiet a while ago and it was a hetero style fetish story. So I decided to keep the content and rewrite it in terms of gender and sexuality.

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See More by PupLeo. The club was packed, people lining up for hours to be a part of this grand event, one that had been many weeks coming. The Hadron was re-opening, with a new manager and a new look.

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One of the men in this category was a young fashion designer from South Beach named Trent, who was about to do something that would change both his life and that of the young singer forever. Local fashion designers were competing for the opportunity to design the new costumes—whoever got the contract would naturally get a lot of beneficial exposure—and Trent was now in the final stage of the bid process. Since they were the ones who would actually have to wear the things, the group decided that they would make the final costume choice themselves, and word got around that Nick who was the clothes horse of the group was going one-on-one with the designers as they presented their costumes. If things went right, Trent would get something more desirable—the opportunity to transform the singer into his obedient sex slave.

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We rubber plants form the connecting link between the vegetable kingdom and the decorations of a Waldorf-Astoria scene in a Third Avenue theatre. I haven't looked up our family tree, but I believe we were raised by grafting a gum overshoe on to a cent table d'hote stalk of asparagus. You take a white bulldog with a Bourke Cockran air of independence about him and a rubber plant and there you have the fauna and flora of a flat.

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I am in my second year of College living in a dormitory just off the campus. All of the rooms are a simple single room with a full bathroom and kitchenette. Last year I was in the dorm across the hall from my current room, I forgot to return the key to my old dorm room; nor did the manager of the building remember to get the key back from me.

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I jumped out of bed, opened the curtains and observed the flashing blue neon light on the alarm box. The street is narrow with three storey Victorian terraced houses on each side, all immaculately maintained but lacking car parking space making the street congested with parked cars. I walked across the road, it was cool and breezy.

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Mister B has a range of high quality, well priced, extensive and varied collection of erotic articles that have their origins in the gay fetish market. Mister B supplies to a broad customer base, wholesale, mailorder and retail. S Leather designs and manufactures Leather, Rubber and Neoprene clothing all in their San Francisco based production department. They are one of the largest retailers of gear and toys for the gay and straight fetish community.

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My name was once Jake Delarentez. Now I no longer have any choice in my identity. I am just his.

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It was fairly late on the Friday night before I saw him sitting on the benches in one of the alcoves at the back of the club but I liked what I saw. It was the boots that got me first. Then what was obviously a full body rubber suit stretched taut over his toned rather than muscular body and his shaved head and shades. His cock and balls were contained in their own black rubber sheaths.


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